Our Garden

Our field

Our three acre market garden is in Long Hanborough, Oxfordshire, just three miles from our shop in Eynsham. Having made a tentative start in 2006 alongside my office job with nothing more than a few posts, an old rotavator, and the seed of an idea, I met my now wife, Lucy, while we were studying Horticulture. Together we aimed to help local people rediscover the joy of food straight from the producer and the diversity of crops that can flourish right here in Oxfordshire, something we felt our generation had lost growing up with the inexorable rise of the supermarkets.

We’ve built two large polytunnels, which allow us to extend the season by a couple of months and grow a range of delicious salads through the winter. We’ve planted an orchard of over 40 fruit trees, many of local varieties, and have added a large pond and further native tree species, aiming to create a haven for a diversity of wildlife.

We garden along organic principles, augmenting the already quite fertile soil with generous amounts of homemade compost and lush plantings of green manures. We try to blend the best of old and new technologies to operate in the most environmentally way possible – our tractor from the sixties is actually very fuel efficient even by today’s standards and our new electric van is charged overnight when there is a greater proportion of renewable power on the grid. Weeds are the biggest challenge faced by organic growers and here we also employ a mix of old and new approaches. Among these are biodegradable mulches, our three rare breed pigs, and of course, the humble hoe.

Our field

No smallholding would be complete without some chickens, and we've been lucky enough to assemble a flock of 15 beautiful birds as gifts from local householders who lacked space to accommodate them. We recently added some ducks too and the happy, (if somewhat noisy) crowd now occupy a spacious ‘des-res’ in the orchard, where we hope they will help with pest control on the trees.

Do please keep an eye on this site for announcements of our next open day, as we would love you to come along and see the many advantages our model of producing food has to offer.