• Picking basil for the shop & for our dinner, pesto tonight! 😋
    14/Aug/2018 13:51
  • Beautiful blooms, scented sweet peas, happy helianthus, all grown by us and in the shop today :) #eynsham #local #themarketgarden #englishflowers #oxfordshire
    13/Aug/2018 12:09
  • Strongly agree with these words from The Clean Kilo & Fullfilled, two new independent zero waste shops that have opened this year...
    12/Aug/2018 21:49
  • 09/Aug/2018 15:22
  • FREE BREAD! These loaves were all half price today, baked yesterday but are sourdough so should still be good for something! Help yourself, outside the front of the shop now!
    07/Aug/2018 17:31
  • Sorry folks, due to a technical problem we're unable to take card payments for the next couple of days...good job there's a cash point just next door! Normal service should resume next week!
    03/Aug/2018 08:40
  • 02/Aug/2018 12:21
  • Gooood morning Eynsham! Pop the kettle on, make a brew, and lets talk tea!We're looking in to stocking various loose leaf teas in our zero waste section, as well as having our usual bagged options - but the question is - which types of loose leaf to go for - and would you/do you use loose leaf?! (we will be selling infusers/strainers alongside!) Initial ideas are to have a couple of herbal options from the lovely Cindy's Tea, then some rooibois, chai, green tea, and 'everyday' black tea....any thoughts?😊 ☕☕☕
    01/Aug/2018 08:30
  • 30/Jul/2018 14:55
  • 26/Jul/2018 14:51
  • Hellooo!We will be stocking Faith in Nature as refill options for shampoos & conditioners...it'd be really helpful if you lovely lot could comment on which fragrances would be most popular. We will probably have space for 3 or 4...the options are...Aloe Vera - Normal to dry hair Coconut - Normal to dry hair Chocolate - All hair types Lavender & Geranium - Normal to dry hair Seaweed & Citrus - All hair types Rosemary - Normal to oily hair Tea Tree - Normal to oily hairI know they do other fragrances, but these are the only ones we can get direct from them in bulk! 😊
    25/Jul/2018 14:08
  • Fragrant flowers fresh from our land! Pretty posies plucked by Lucy & in the shop now, only £2! #themarketgarden #Eynsham #Oxfordshire #local @gandgorgeousflowers
    24/Jul/2018 13:03
  • What a great morning working with our local plastic free community leader from #surfersagainstsewage litter picking by the river Evenlode, we found everything from a bicycle wheel to a sunlounger! The things people carelessly throw away are shocking, with no thought to the environmental consequences. At least we know the eight bags of litter we collected today will not end up in our oceans :) Thanks to everyone who helped out today, we look forward to the next one! #Oxfordshire #litterpick #sascampaigns
    15/Jul/2018 18:46
  • Not long to go! - For those of you who haven't seen, we're moving over the road to where The Emporium is currently, coming full circle so to speak as we started out there nearly 10 years ago as a stall in their car park! :)
    09/Jul/2018 11:22
  • Our broccoli was looking touch-and-go in all this heat, but the end result is very nice and the flavour beats any supermarket hands down. In contrast our cukes are loving every minute of the high temperatures and are cropping in abundance. Come and taste the difference with fresh harvests in the shop tomorrow. #themarketgarden #Eynsham #Oxfordshire #localfood #heatwave
    06/Jul/2018 20:00
  • It's plastic free July! Are you ready to make some changes? Not long until we reopen in our new premises to make those changes even easier! #plasticfreejuly #zerowaste #eynsham #oxfordshire
    01/Jul/2018 10:02
  • Had the pleasure of meeting Tom, co-owner of The Clean Kilo today in Birmingham. Their shop is fantastic & an inspiration for what we are setting up here in #Oxfordshire, opening 25th September!
    24/Jun/2018 20:30
  • Gaining zero waste inspiration for our impending move!
    24/Jun/2018 13:00
  • Beautiful beetroots, amazing onions, colossal cauliflowers! All grown by us and fresh in the shop today!
    13/Jun/2018 09:32
  • This fantastic organisation is based in Oxford, and planted over half a million trees last year, how fab is that?!
    10/Jun/2018 10:16
  • Saturday night giggle...we hope no broccoli was harmed in the making of this video! 🙈
    09/Jun/2018 18:13
  • Some news from Plenty Pies!
    08/Jun/2018 17:11
  • Our splendid salad onions, freshly picked and in the shop today!
    05/Jun/2018 08:00
  • This week Harry from @FarmAbility has been using a rotavator for the first time. He's been getting on so well lately we're giving him some paid work alongside his volunteering. Well done Harry! #Oxfordshire #Themarketgarden
    01/Jun/2018 17:17
  • Pretty nifty ideas for tucking into your favourite fruits!
    31/May/2018 07:01