• 20/Sep/2017 07:32
  • Hugh's new book on veg! He's my (Lucy's) hero! I can't wait! <3
    14/Sep/2017 10:21
  • Just harvested gorgeous Cauliflower "Sunset" - fresh in the shop today.
    13/Sep/2017 11:46
  • Introducing a new local cheese: Bix from the Nettlebed Creamery, a deliciously smooth unpasteurised cows cheese perfect spread on sourdough!
    28/Aug/2017 10:15
  • Fresh in the shop, a fantastic selection of locally grown chillies, ranging from a gentle tingle to a blow your head off!
    28/Aug/2017 10:01
  • Having a BBQ over the bank holiday weekend? How about trying some locally produced charcoal? No nasty chemicals here!
    26/Aug/2017 10:33
  • We've been nominated, and will be there in our best bib & tucker!
    24/Aug/2017 15:40
  • Just took this pic of Apple 'Katy' looking all rosy and resplendent in the early morning sun. A beautifully crisp, sweet and juicy early eater freshly picked and straight to the shop this morning.
    19/Aug/2017 08:17
  • New in stock this week, a discovery from Countryfile Live! Cindy's Teas is a range of loose leaf herbal teas, each blend having a different twist, from Spicy Chai & Ruby Mint, to Herb Garden or Deep Sleep. We love them all! Who's got the kettle on? https://www.cindystea.love/
    17/Aug/2017 13:20
  • 12/Aug/2017 06:49
  • Having found a hedgehog motionless on her driveway in the middle of the day, retired customer Margaret came into the shop asking if we could help. We went and had a look and the little chap, whilst alive, was clearly not well. So we took him down to the round to the lovely people at Medivet Eynsham (pictured), who kindly took the teenager in for tick-removal and T.L.C. We're please to say Henry made a full recovery and is back out schuffling and having a ball with all his fellow hedgies. Well done Eynsham!
    12/Aug/2017 06:46
  • Rich pickings from the field this morning and available in the shop today, you can't get fresher than that!
    29/Jul/2017 10:21
  • What better way to start the day than our Hanborough grown tomatoes, garlic and basil on locally baked sourdough?
    28/Jul/2017 09:00
  • Harvesting of early leek 'Volta' in glorious golden sunshine today, without doubt the earliest and tastiest leek we've ever enjoyed...
    25/Jul/2017 22:29
  • No vampires near our land! Hundreds of garlic bulbs drying nicely in our glasshouses, and already in the shop ready for action!
    13/Jul/2017 16:30
  • We've been nominated & shortlisted, yay!
    13/Jul/2017 09:42
  • Our beautiful bunches can't be beet! Pulled fresh from the ground and in the shop now!
    11/Jul/2017 16:37
  • Our own raspberries picked ripe and ready to enjoy with some of our delicious local vanilla ice cream.
    07/Jul/2017 13:59
  • 04/Jul/2017 14:58
  • Planting Leek "Krypton" and new variety of Broccoli "Covina" this afternoon. They're really going to hit the ground running in this weather! (Black sheet is organically-approved biodegradable corn starch mulch - keeps water in and weeds out.) Clover sown in paths to fix nitrogen from air and fertilise the soil. Our first crop of broccoli now fresh in shop and very tasty.
    23/Jun/2017 20:59
  • We'll be here tomorrow with Oxford strawberries & cream, scotch eggs & ice cream, come say hello!
    17/Jun/2017 21:11
  • We'll be selling ice creams, strawberries & cream and scotch eggs at this event tomorrow, so come on down and say hello!
    17/Jun/2017 16:38
  • Having a BBQ? Lucy and Jon made this beautiful assortment of mixed leaves, herbs and flowers fresh this morning. Our magic blend of 6 lettuce varieties and no less than 12 delicious salad ingredients includes mustard, mizuna, pak choi, coriander and basil. All grown and harvested fresh in Hanborough. Ditch the bleached-washed supermarket flab-bags and come and taste some proper salad!
    17/Jun/2017 11:26
  • Having a BBQ? Our Oxford Charcoal is British-grown, untainted by nasty chemicals and ready-to-cook in 10mins. http://www.theoxfordcharcoalcompany.co.uk/
    03/Jun/2017 14:06
  • Broad beans and early Potato "Ulster Queen" looking particularly verdant today. Deliciously tender broad beans now available in shop.
    30/May/2017 10:10