• Potting on the baby basil plants, dreaming of fresh pesto in the summer! 😋
    21/Apr/2018 09:00
  • Exciting times ahead!
    20/Apr/2018 08:28
  • BIG news coming tomorrow! Until then...
    19/Apr/2018 20:16
  • Beautiful organic portobello mushrooms, fresh in this morning, perfect for a cooked breakfast! 🍳
    19/Apr/2018 09:00
  • Coming soon to The Market Garden, we will slowly switch over from the current Ecover & Bio D refills to this wonderful & local range!
    19/Apr/2018 06:40
  • We now stock the full range of Ben & Jerry's new vegan ice cream, naughty but oh so nice! 😋
    18/Apr/2018 09:00
  • Molly is keeping guard as I work in the mini polytunnel :)
    17/Apr/2018 14:14
  • Lots of work in the greenhouse today, my favourite place this time of year!
    16/Apr/2018 14:09
  • Fabulous fresh delivery from The Oxford Mushroom Co. king oysters, yellow oysters & shiitakes, oh the culinary possibilities! #localfood #eynsham #themarketgarden #oxfordshire #shroom
    10/Apr/2018 12:34
  • 07/Apr/2018 09:48
  • 02/Apr/2018 19:24
  • Important info for dog walkers
    31/Mar/2018 06:52
  • Perfectly picked produce fresh from the field! A celebration of spring for Easter Sunday dinner. #themarketgarden #eynsham #localfood #Oxfordshire
    30/Mar/2018 10:46
  • We are open as normal Good Friday & Saturday for all your Easter needs, but we will be closed on Easter Monday. #Eynsham #localfood #Oxfordshire #Easter
    29/Mar/2018 12:18
  • 28/Mar/2018 08:07
  • Nothing better than the sight of a healthy seedling raring to grow! With any luck this little chap will become a strong calabrese plant ready for harvest in the summer! 🌱 #themarketgarden #localfood #eynsham #oxfordshire
    26/Mar/2018 08:30
  • Behold our pyramid of poo! Local horses are kind enough to provide us with an inexhaustible supply which we mix in with our compost. As you can see, we have a pharaoh'd pile now, which we are turning regularly with the tractor, letting the heat build up each time as the bacteria do their work. Steaming profusely, it 'sphinx' somewhat to start with, but ends up gorgeously earthy and does wonders for Mummy Earth. #themarketgarden #localfood #eynsham #oxfordshire
    25/Mar/2018 08:30
  • Perfect parsnips, dug by my own fair hand! Washed and in the shop today! #themarketgarden #localfood #eynsham #oxfordshire
    24/Mar/2018 09:00
  • Freshly baked delicious hot cross buns from Gatineau, come & get some before they're all gone! #eynsham #local #themarketgarden #easter #GoodFriday
    23/Mar/2018 11:15
  • Spring has sprung at #themarketgarden! We have a fantastic display of plants and flowers available to buy at the shop, some locally grown! #eynsham #spring
    22/Mar/2018 08:30
  • Planning the next few days work in the greenhouse, I love my job! ❤️
    21/Mar/2018 08:30
  • A host of golden daffodils, fluttering & dancing in the breeze, Wordsworth would be proud. Hanborough grown and ready for sale in the shop.
    20/Mar/2018 11:15
  • Will be glad when getting the leeks out of the ground is easier! #localfood #seasonal #snow
    19/Mar/2018 11:20
  • Roots tooty rainbow carrots, fresh out of the ground and on sale in the shop today! (Didn't have the heart to separate the cuddling carrots!)
    17/Mar/2018 09:30
  • Doing what I love best this morning! Any requests?
    16/Mar/2018 09:00