• Beautiful beetroots, amazing onions, colossal cauliflowers! All grown by us and fresh in the shop today!
    13/Jun/2018 09:32
  • This fantastic organisation is based in Oxford, and planted over half a million trees last year, how fab is that?!
    10/Jun/2018 10:16
  • Saturday night giggle...we hope no broccoli was harmed in the making of this video! 🙈
    09/Jun/2018 18:13
  • Some news from Plenty Pies!
    08/Jun/2018 17:11
  • Our splendid salad onions, freshly picked and in the shop today!
    05/Jun/2018 08:00
  • This week Harry from @FarmAbility has been using a rotavator for the first time. He's been getting on so well lately we're giving him some paid work alongside his volunteering. Well done Harry! #Oxfordshire #Themarketgarden
    01/Jun/2018 17:17
  • 22/May/2018 16:01
  • Had a fantastic day with the @farmability schools group planting broccoli through biodegradeable mulch, we hope they're looking forward to their next visit! #localfood #farmability #Oxfordshire
    09/May/2018 19:21
  • Jon has just picked up some more lovely local Oxford Charcoal, perfect for the Bank Holiday!
    05/May/2018 11:22
  • 03/May/2018 15:26
  • 29/Apr/2018 16:30
  • 28/Apr/2018 09:55
  • 27/Apr/2018 21:03
  • 27/Apr/2018 09:06
  • Coming soon...zero waste dispensers...what would you like us to fill them with? #zerowaste #eynsham #oxfordshire
    27/Apr/2018 08:39
  • North Aston local organic milk & yogurt, new in the shop for the weekend, and in returnable glass bottles!
    25/Apr/2018 09:00
  • Off to muck a bed!
    24/Apr/2018 07:11
  • Happy Earth Day everyone! Go on, get outside and explore our beautiful world, and if you see some litter, pick it up! The smallest of actions all amount to greatness, we can all make a difference.
    22/Apr/2018 08:02
  • Potting on the baby basil plants, dreaming of fresh pesto in the summer! 😋
    21/Apr/2018 09:00
  • Exciting times ahead!
    20/Apr/2018 08:28
  • BIG news coming tomorrow! Until then...
    19/Apr/2018 20:16
  • Beautiful organic portobello mushrooms, fresh in this morning, perfect for a cooked breakfast! 🍳
    19/Apr/2018 09:00
  • Coming soon to The Market Garden, we will slowly switch over from the current Ecover & Bio D refills to this wonderful & local range!
    19/Apr/2018 06:40
  • We now stock the full range of Ben & Jerry's new vegan ice cream, naughty but oh so nice! 😋
    18/Apr/2018 09:00
  • Molly is keeping guard as I work in the mini polytunnel :)
    17/Apr/2018 14:14