• Roses are red, tulips are purple, we have blooms galore so in you hurtle! (Don't forget to pick up your fizz from Eynsham Cellars & chocs from The Emporium!)
    13/Feb/2018 16:00
  • It's pancake day! Don't forget to pick up your local eggs & flour to whip up a batch! Perfect with cinnamon, sugar and a dash of lemon juice from the finest organic lemons, don't eat too many!
    13/Feb/2018 10:30
  • How about rustling up this tasty curry using our Uchiki Kuri squash? Perfect meat free Monday meal :)
    29/Jan/2018 10:21
  • Harry from Farmability spent a splendid sunny Thursday setting free the garlic and onions he helped to plant in the autumn through biodegradable mulch. With Molly on hand to help of course!
    28/Jan/2018 18:13
  • Celebrate Burns Night with our own neeps and lovely tatties! Veggie haggis also in stock, and don't forget the whiskey from next door at Eynsham Cellars!
    25/Jan/2018 11:44
  • We're hoping to bring some of these ideas to The Market Garden, what would you like to see as refillable options?
    21/Jan/2018 19:54
  • Pretty parky pickin' me parsnips this mornin'! (though pretty beautiful too!). Excuse the frozen parsnip bottom left - he was holding the camera!
    19/Jan/2018 11:08
  • And if you're looking for the tastiest organic Seville oranges in Eynsham, we're the shop for you!
    18/Jan/2018 21:21
  • Gatineau patisserie, perfect on a chilly morning with a hot coffee!
    17/Jan/2018 09:00
  • We are way ahead of this! We only use paper bags and sell our veg loose which also saves on consumer wastage!
    15/Jan/2018 15:17
  • Has anyone lost a glove? We're taking good care of it until it can be reunited!
    10/Jan/2018 11:03
  • Wishing all our customers and producers a happy & healthy 2018! We have exciting things planned for the coming year, so watch this space! We look forward to seeing you all when we reopen tomorrow. Meanwhile here's a cheeky carrot! :) 🥕🥦🍎🍅🥑🍌🥝🍇🍉
    01/Jan/2018 15:08
  • Merry Christmas everyone! We hope you're enjoying your veg, wishing you peace & parsnips! Lucy, Jon & Molly 🐾
    25/Dec/2017 15:32
  • Today we're open till four With lots of bargains in store We'll be closed for a while But we hope you will smile When we re-open our doors! (open again 2nd January)
    24/Dec/2017 10:10
  • How about some posh water for the dinner table? We're the only shop to stock Blenheim Water!
    22/Dec/2017 10:00
  • 21/Dec/2017 12:41
  • 21/Dec/2017 12:41
  • Beautiful organic sprouts on a stick, fresh in today!
    21/Dec/2017 10:06
  • We will be open right up to Sunday afternoon for all your xmas veg, cheese and other essentials for the big day! Eynsham Emporium will also be open to provide weary shoppers with sustenance!
    18/Dec/2017 12:42
  • Gorgeous new local patisserie from Gatineau of Summertown fresh in every Saturday. The perfect accompaniment to our new locally roasted coffees from Witney! www.gatineau.uk.com
    15/Dec/2017 20:08
  • Gorgeous new local patisserie from Gatineau of Summertown fresh in every Saturday morning. The perfect accompaniment to our new range of locally roasted Ue coffees from Witney. www.gatineau.uk.com
    15/Dec/2017 19:59
  • New in today! Beautiful fresh Oyster & Shitake mushrooms, locally grown by the Oxford Mushroom Co.
    12/Dec/2017 13:42
  • In case you're out searching, our milk has just been delivered!
    12/Dec/2017 10:42
  • A weighty problem...
    10/Dec/2017 12:23
  • Washing our rainbow carrots fresh for the shop this morning. George, Zippy and Bungle would be proud!
    07/Dec/2017 12:44